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Equal Marriage and all that Jazz

Bleary eyed I wake up this morning for the usual wake up routine, check the Facebook, read about 100 emails that came in post midnight and check that the Zombie Apocolypse hasn't hit the world through the BBC News app.

All fairly standard, until I see the news story that the Catholic Education Service has been getting a bit too political for it's boots right next to Katie Price defiling the holy scanctity that they claim marriage is.Of course I made the mistake of reading the article at this time in the morning and it actually annoyed me, with particular attention to the first few lines:-

It emerged this week that the CES wrote to nearly 400 state-funded Roman Catholic schools inviting them to back a petition against gay civil marriage.

Schools and teachers are forbidden to promote one-sided political arguments.

The CES has denied breaking any laws, saying Catholic views on marriage are religious, not political.

Yes, you are correct you can hold any views you like based on your religion.  However, when you get people to sign a petition to prevent others getting on with their lives, that makes it political.

The CES was also was quoted as saying ..Catholics believe that 'marriage is a high and noble vocation'... could you perhaps tell that to the Oak Finished Katie Price with her string of failed marriages and of course Britney Spears and her drunken violation of the "high and noble vocation"?

How about you have a look at the two below videos and come up with a reason why two people who love each other and been in a stable relationship for many years should be prevented from marriage; that others seem to be doing every few years with a new person just because they can.



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