Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Get your credit union on.

I'm reminded in the crappiest of times that God Hates Figs (for they are disgusting) and that the universe will take every opportunity to swiftly plant it's foot right in your bollocks.

This morning I got it, courtesy of Tesco. I was enjoying my day, perhaps too much one could argue.

I ventured in to the local Tesco Metro to purchase some items (as you do) but found a problematic self checkout that may have become self-aware. I tried to pay on my card knowing that I had sufficient funds, for I had checked it prior, only to find the now blood thirsty self checkout, claimed my card was invalid.

Now, most people would rightly assume that no payment was taken, so we hit that bad boy up a few more times before having to go to a till with the same problem.

Seeing as I'm not going to fuck around and have to pay for it, I just left everything and walked out. I passed another cash point and checked my balance, as if Tesco isn't going to take my money, Sainsbury's certainly will out of spite.

However, turns out Tesco beat us both at that game as they grabbed the funds from my "invalid" card and equally "invalid" account.

To say I wasn't pleased would be accurate, but I wasn't even angry bro.

I got to work and called Tesco, they put me through to the store manager who in no uncertain terms told me that this wasn't their problem and I had to sort it out. I made the point of saying that since they hit up the last five quid in my account I was a bit stuffed for lunch.

Turns out that ain't her problem either.

At this point, I'd go with "I was fucking livid" as an accurate description of my mood. I of course took my anger out on their twitter account and emailed my credit union to confirm that I'd been pick pocketed by Tesco.

I called Tesco again on their main customer service line and not the shop number, I spoke with somebody who although helpful and informative didn't quite follow through on my whole issue and released the fact that I wasn't the first person to have this issue with that shops self checkout.

So we go from status "fucking livid" to "utterly nuclear".

That's right, they knew this machine has a problem, they knew the signs yet I'm sent off from the shop thinking my card has just been refused. Even more of an arse is that the manager I spoke to gave me this "matter a fact"ly attitude that I should have known to speak with customer service there and then in store.

I got an email back from the credit union confirming the charge, so I emailed them back and within an hour they reversed the charge without any problems. I'm still yet to hear back from Tesco after I had another go at them for not doing their job.

The moral of the story is, you're going to be fucked over by a large company; so do something useful with your cash and move it in to a credit union. Or try and burn down a Tesco*, which ever seems easiest and most convenient to your situation.

* Please don't burn down an actual Tesco, even in Stokes Croft. That would be an un-environmental decision and a waste of perfectly good pies.

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