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Oktoberfest in May?

Last night, being the actual night of my birthday (and arguably that of mother miggins - may her pies increase!), I joined Mrs Tanqueray (nee Lemon-Bold Italic) with a guest appearance from Tommy and Phil for the free entry night of the German beer festival down at Millennium Square.

I'm sure you can guess from the time I'm posting this, I'm not feeling sexy but it was worth downing 2 and a half steins of regret. I also some how managed to order a chinese takeaway under the influence. Seeing as I hadn't ate all day, it was perhaps a good idea that I did, but my bank balance wasn't best pleased!

At least this morning's venture on the buses hasn't been terribly bad, bus driver looks like she wants to eat kittens in front of a group of school children and we've only slapped the side of the bus on one inanimate object. It's not often I can say that a bus journey is remotely interesting or nice, but a few rows behind me there is perhaps the most handsome man on earth with the most amazing eyes (I'm an eye man and not in that "I want them in a jar" kind of way either).

Now here is a photo from last night, I took another few but they were terrible so I shan't let the Internet see that shit.

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