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That #Awkward Moment When…

… you almost die again. I'm really not doing terribly well at this whole survival thing, first I'm strewn upon Gloucester Road like I just don't care, next I'm almost planting the bonnet of a car with my ass and I ain't even realising it.

On my usual route home from work I go up via a roundabout and through the estate. I've not had any near misses or almost death moments here, so I feel a level of safety has been achieved.

Today, however, the universe decided to play games. A car was coming from the right, so I pulled the brakes knowing I had plenty of stoping distance and I did stop. Mostly.

My rear tyre must have hit a fresh patch of oil because, although the front of my was stopped, the rear of my bike swung out taking me with it. It did it so unexpectedly that I came very close to dismounting and flying straight in to the car. On my ass. At great speed.

On the list of ways I'm going to die, this one was pretty scary. I planted my foot down and managed to stop the impending doom before, well, shit got doomed.

Oh and I nearly got blown off my bike by hurricane grade winds, but that's neither here nor there.

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