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I had the most amazing dream EVAR.

I'm not totally sure why, but me and a friend in my dream had to break in to a space port company and steal information from a laptop in a presentation room. I'm sure the reasons were quite valid as its not every day I agree to corporate espionage with out at least a payout of 100€ million.

We were dropped off at the building which you entered off the side of a motorway, it was a non descript building and you wouldn't realise that it was hiding a massive city sized organisation, with streets, buildings and electric cars driving around.

As we were not supposed to be there, we didn't have passes to get in. This was a problem as we had to get through tight security at the main entrance by swiping our cards to get through the doors. The swipe point looked a lot like red dwarf, we went up to the head security woman and showed our work cards for the company I work at, it turns out that their passes look exactly the same, so we pleaded ignorance why the card wasn't scanning and they let us in.

We walked in to an administrator building through the industrialised streets, which looked a lot like the ones in the SkyNet city of Terminaor. The building was very posh offices with a large conference room, the laptop we needed the information was right in that room.

We had to bypass a receptionist by explaining we were there to fix a projector and also the card problems, she bought it and we hopped over the barriers to get through.

In the conference room there was a small group of people having a meeting, so we needed to buy some time until they left. We pretended to tinker around with a projector on the low and trying to avoid being caught by cameras. We were pretty much successful until a company wide meeting was called in that room.

We had to sit down next to this manager who thought something was a bit wrong with us there and started quizzing me on where I worked, who I was and what I did. She even made me log on to a computer there, I had to figure out what their login names were for their systems and give it a try. I figured it was their initials, so I put mine in and one of my normal passwords, it turned out there was somebody there with the same initials who used my same password. Luck shot!

She eventually backed down and left us alone, but my friend started to panic and dashed for the toilets. In this meeting it was done by video link with the CEO and directors, as my friend did a runner this camera swung over straight in to my face looking for an answer why. Understandably trying to break in on the down low, this was a problem. It started to scan for my employee profile and to head that off, the only thing I could think of to explain was that she was having lady problems.

The camera switched off for a moment, then powered back on after they deliberated my answer and moved back to the front of the room.

The information we were sent to steal was being shown in this conference, so we recorded the details and left the conference. My friend kept on wobbling with her story and panicking a lot and I thought we were going to be caught.

As you needed a pass to get not only in rooms but out, we had to do all the crafty techniques of tailgating and social engineering to be able get out.

We headed out to the exit where security scan everybody out, as the company has a thing for illegal workers they do a "shift change" on a 15 minute window to allow the illegal staff to go un-noticed. We managed to catch the tail end of that window by seconds and queued up to be scanned for radiation.

My friend made it out without any problems, I however, got stopped and had to be scrubbed down with this freezing cold fluid they spray all over you. I asked what happens if I can't be decontaminated at the gate, they said if that happens the Corporate security force will detain you and you have to discuss the issue with the legal department.

That was not good! They managed to clean me off and I was exiting out when my alarm went off and I woke up.

I can't describe how the whole visual aspect was of this dream, it was an amazing mash of sci-fi films and every day surroundings. If i could tear out the visions from my head and upload them to YouTube, that would be my highlight!

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