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Embarassing Moments are Embarassing #FML

As much as I love to make a complete fool of myself in public, I believe this may have been the one that tops it all off.

On my route home from work I normally listen to music,  mainly that of Radio FG.  While I was waiting at a traffic light to cross,Moves Like Jagger came on. 

Instictively I started to sing and spectacular(ly terrible) it was, I continued to make a high pitched rendition of the ode to M. Jagger until I felt a presence, much like a fart in a lift, I turned around to find a man right behind me.  Of course the only way to salvage this situation was to pull a face, turn back around and continue to belt out "It Moves Like Jagger" as if I didn't even notice.

Like a fucking boss.

Tags: embarassment, foolish, i make sing, jagger, making a fool of myself in public, mick jagger, moments like this are pretty embarassing, moves like jagger

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