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Happy Jappie Chappie

Premier jour - #365jours

So today is day one, what have I done? Well found myself a French course for September!

I've got to start really shovelling money in to my Cash ISA and shifting un-needed items on the Bay to cope with the extra 380£ that needs to cover just this portion of my epic problem. After that, well there is shit loads of cash I don't have that needs to be piled on.

Good times.

I've had to look back at the weekend job option and just put all the income off that away to one side, at least it'll pay off in the long term. I've got a couple jobs that I'll drop my CV to and see what happens, but I'm not going to push myself too hard as I can no doubt make saving else where should I have to.

I've been looking at the various other needs and that's just utterly crazy, I've seen a box available for 2 200€ plus charges in a reasonably run down arrondissement, where children eat the flesh of other children and the police barbecue pigeons for survival. So I may have to set my standards low.

Right now, I honestly have the feeling what I'm planning is insane, but no doubt I'll pull it off.

Here's to another 363 days… à votre santé!

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