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So I call @UKTesco customer service…

So I call @UKTesco customer service, I'm apologised to and told they will contact the store. I'm then told to call back tomorrow to check the transaction.

During the call the fact that I was clearly upset, I used keywords such as this has previously happened, it was reported more than once, still not resolved, the manager was rude to me and I have had an issue yesterday where I was left for 5 minutes waiting authorisation for an alcohol purchase are clearly not enough to offer or look at compensation.

I'm not the type of person to demand this, but we've now hit that stage would you not agree? A one off mistake is just that, a series of bad service, poor customer care and failures would in my opinion warrant that would you not think?

Well clearly not to Tesco. It's just another day of operation, if I had offered this level of service to any of my clients through our my career in customer service I'd expect to be unemployed.

I have handed them a legitimate complaint which again I find nobody at Tesco can even have a fathom of a fuck to resolve or address.

Every little helps indeed.

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Tags: bad customer service, customer service, incapable of customer service, poor customer service, tesco, tesco metro, via ljapp

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