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Bloggeur Hipster depuis 2000.

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There are weekends and then there are ends of the week.

Last weekend on the 14th of July as it so has been called, I participated in an Event they called Pride.  It was rude not to as seeing the entire area around my home became a prison as a result of a number of planned protests and riots.

But once you got past the onslaught of police, dogs, horses and riot vans there was fun to be had.  I had of course bagged 2 litres of Sainsbury's Finest I can't believe this cider isn't made from Apples! and made my way down to College Green for rain, sun, rain rain, music, mud and more sun rain. 

I didn't expect to meet anybody when I got down there and was quite surprised to see that M. Boyzici was down there, his boyfriend and I also ran in to Shoshanna on my way through.

We spent the day bobbing around, drinking and having a bit of a laugh before Fat S-Club 3 came on.  I also had the chance to meet a chap called Chris who I nearly killed by accident.  Clearly I'm quite good at leaving a corpse or two in my wake!

Originally I was only intending to stay at all the free events, because, well they were free and I was skint as a skint person.  But even though I almost had to dump his corpse in the road and call it an accident, Chris purchased an extra ticket for the clubbing event that evening.  It was most nice of him, so I shall be of course ensuring he eats until he explodes in Shanghai Nights later this month.

We walked back via my place so I could drop off my bag and move onwards to his part of town, he noticed my NES, Commodore 64 and my Amiga and we got to talking about the classic games and generally retro items.  Turns out he has a radio collection which was quite interesting.

Anyways, I digress.  We got ready and headed back out to Dressage at the O2 Academy in town for a night of partying.  We spent some time on the main dance floor with the odd dancers who were a bit strangely trying to be horses to electronica, it was all rather strange but sometimes you just have to accept what you see and move on.  We then moved up to the third floor and spent the remainder of the night to Push The Button, who are without a doubt the most mental DJs I have ever seen.

It was about half two or three before I left, but a very good time was had.  On my way out I had a look at the main stage which seemed a bit, well, dirty dirty.  There was b00bies and everything.

I have uploaded a series of photos from this event at LiveJournal.