Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Many important things have occurred.

I have done so many things this weekend, which including getting horrendously drunk unintentionally. I even took poorly shot drunken photos.

Once I woke up tremendously drunk the following morning I decided that perhaps a career in alcoholism and alcohol in general is most certainly not for me.

Having spent most of my Saturday feeling unwell I checked my Bristol Pound account and found that they managed to get my funds in there early! They didn't think it would have happened until Monday.

I prepared myself to look presentable and headed up to No 1 Harbourside for lunch. I decided on the Pork Slider which was absolutely amazing.

Making the transaction was swift and easy, paid by text and it all went smoothly!

From there I went up Gloucester Road with the intention of getting a few bits from Joe's Bakery (with Bristol Pounds) but instead got myself an inner tube for my bike from perhaps the most customer unfriendly (but seriously cheap) bike shop on the planet.

After getting home it was time to get dirty and sort out my bike, I rotated the tyres and swapped out the tubes, all this successful manliness resulted in getting dirty like a Catholic School girl on Lambrini.

Once all that was done it was off to ASDA and generally being a blob watching the Olympics. Hello irony.

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Tags: asda, bicycle, bike, bristol, bristol pound, foursquare, lunch, lunch out, places, restaurant, shopping, things to do, via ljapp

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