Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Screwed by the Law. Thanks Captain Cameron!

As I'm sure you all gathered some time ago, I'm pretty much broke all the time. It's fantastic working a job only to be able to pay your bills and have to cut back on shit like food to fuel the coffers of rip off utility companies and the government.

So the obvious response was to get a part time job. Easily done, I applied to ASDA and had their pre-interview on Tuesday followed by an interview itself on Friday.

I sailed through the pre-interview with extremely good observations and had a reply within an hour for the interview. I could have even banked on getting the job at that stage.

Of course until the interview when we discovered that because of the changes to the working time directive, thanks to a large number of stupid people opting out because they were told to and not reading or fully understanding what the fuck they put their signature to, I couldn't be employed by ASDA as they'd instantly be in breach of the directive.

Excellent. So now because of the retarded masses and the stupidity of this government the only way I can make additional income is by committing some kind of crime. Either taking a job with a company that doesn't ask questions (them breaking the directive), taking a job that doesn't pay tax (me dodging the fisc) or just all out burglary (because it's a noble crime according to one of our judges).

It's absolutely absurd that as an adult I'm not allowed to make an adult decision about my working patterns. It's even more offensive that I had the opportunity to resolve my financial circumstances only to be cock blocked by the state, the same state that offers me no tax credits, benefits or anything else. They just expect me to live on a disposable income of twenty pounds a month.

Yeah, fuck you Dave. In this shit together Dishface? Of course not.

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