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Fuck you Tuesday!

Honestly, most people have an issue with Mondays but clearly me and Tuesday are not at all on speaking terms.

This morning I agreed to help out with a backlog at work and to come in at 8am, which was not a problem to do at all.  It turns out for everything else it was.

I woke up on time, no problems and even had enough time to do some bits and sit around in my pants and listen to the radio, I left home in good time before hitting the other side of Cabot Circus before it all went wrong.  I got a puncture, I wasn't even annoyed when it happened either, it was kind of "oh well, I'll just be fifteen minutes late".  I swapped out the tyre, found and fixed the puncture in about half an hour (which was quite speedy to be fair) and on my way again.

Then it happened AGAIN just before Riverside Park, I got off my bike, shouted a load of sweary words (and a whole lot of cunt) and dragged that sorry fucking piece of shit home to get on to plan B as by this time I had spent an hour getting less than a mile from my front door.

I threw my bike through the door, slammed my flat door, screamed a shit load of cunt and fuck while I was getting changed, I had to then magic up five quid to waste on a bus journey.  The bus as expected showed up 20 minutes late and I had to spend an hour in traffic, before gracing through the doors of work a whole three hours on the dot after leaving my house the first time.

The day came and went and then so did I.

That is of course when First Bus managed to leave me stranded in the middle of Sadly Broke with no fucking bus, I of course spent the time writing a complaint letter which featured "If I wanted to wait for impending disappointment in cold environments, I would have chosen to go Unicorn hunting in Siberia mid December." and "I'm not even going to ask for a refund, I expect one for this diabolical level of service.".

So that is my day, I've clearly had my tits full of it already and I've had to take a half day holiday tomorrow to run around to bike shops and get my bike fixed (and not from my swift kick either).

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Hope tomorrow is better. You made my day and week with the French radio link. Love that stuff!

FG is excellent, I've been listening for over 10 years now!

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