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Angry Cat

Mice. I hate them all.

It's been known that I have a mouse problem, not a lot to do with me considering my lack of food waste. But some how that doesn't stop the annoying fuckers from diving in and out of my bin.

Only a few months back I had to chase one around my flat, it didn't even give a shit either. Walking around like it paid the bills.

But now it has got brazen, it's been rummaging around my bin while I'm in the kitchen, television on and walking around.

It's going to be war then.

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I'd rather have more men than mouse....

Peanut butter and cheese cracker on a spring mouse trap gets 'em every time.

This douchemouse would probably manage to get the peanut butter and not be dead. Yesterday it tried to pull an empty packet of sliced chicken down a hole only it could get down.

What a prick.

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