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Cheerleader Cherie

The stale smell of democracy.

If it wasn't for the horrendous tiredness I happen to be suffering at the moment (I can't be dealing with all this early morning crap) I'd probably write something well thought of and spell checked prior to publishing.

Since I'm not in that mindset, you're just going to deal with what you're given and smile about it.

To those who forgot, you had the opportunity to vote for some kind of police commissioner jobby and for those in Bristol, your new mayor.

Having received the mayoral booklet only one candidate really popped out at me, after all we are voting somebody to represent Bristol so why not somebody who is Bristol personified?

David Dobbs of The Birthday Party has to be an only in Bristol candidate. In fact he's almost like Bristol itself, unique, eclectic, believes that the great water came from Mars, wanders around Stokes Croft and is fascinated by Social Networks.

That's pretty much Bristol, crazy and all up in your Facebook.

He's only one of many independents to come forward, where as the police commissioners role is pretty bland party politicos towing some party line.

I did get an email from Unite The Union asking me to vote for some puppet Labour knob, but quite frankly I'd rather poke my eyes out instead. Some of the independents have better vision and ideas, how they'll pan out when elected nobody can really say. But why not just give it a go?

Nobody can screw it up more than the rest have already to be fair.

So remember, if you haven't voted yet just get on with it (and do it quickly as you have 20 minutes) as you can't moan about the country if you don't get involved.

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