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I see dead things.

Two things:-

1) just found this little (dead) chap

And secondly, it appears I have fungus growing from my ceiling from the leak I reported a while back.

Is this going to be sorted, because I don't want to know what kind of fungus that is (and I'm sure it's probably not a nice one) and I certainly don't want to meet another mouse on these terms again.

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Looks bad (unhealthy), hope they fix it soon!

Now that the council have got involved they've made a repair order on the property.

That means if the landlords don't rectify or at least start repairing in a fixed time period the council will have the repairs done in default and charge them.</p>

If they fail to pay then all kinds of sanctions can be put in place against the landlords.

They can either prohibit them from renting in the city or issue a compulsory buy order on their properties (meaning the city force the sale of their properties at a very low rate and buy them).

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