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Bristol Pound Evening

This evening I've been down at The Yard (228 Mina Road) with the Ashley Vale Acton Group and Bristol Pound for an evening of how the Bristol Pound started, it's story and aims.

It has been a very interesting event with the Mayor showing up for most of it, it's been nice to hear how it all began and the level of commitment that has been put in to it.

There have been quite a few very good questions from the group on how the Bristol Pound is aiming to go forward, fund itself and some of its key aims with highlights on the Farm Link initiative the TXT2Pay system and the three year plan.

The mayor came down as well and spoke a bit about the project too.
It was also padded out with some lovely organic wines, sausages, bread, cheese, chilli and some Bath Ale!
In the end they had quite a fair bit of food left, I was given the keg of ale, half a loaf of Mark’s Bread and a mega slice of the cheese wheel.
I’ve also signed up for further information on the talks from the AVAG.

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