Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Abruptly Wanting Rent.

So my landlords have decided to forgo sense and business practice by dumping my agent.

Now I have to deal with them directly. And by directly I mean through the council's current action against them.

Rather annoyingly this not only means having to record every call to them (as my letting agent actually did act on everything we spoke about) but also for this next farce.

They left a note Friday evening that all payments must now go to them with new bank details. No big deal, if you have a transitional period realising that the next working day is most people's standing order day.

But not with mine, basically it means that I have to go through the trouble of seeing if the credit union can stop the payment or recall it if its too late, because they've not bothered to give reasonable notice or arrange for the letting agent to forward on anything latent.

Good job. My visage now:

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