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I have been most busy.

It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and write an entry here. It’s been quite hectic over the past few weeks with having quite a load on my plate.

I’ve managed to get a part time job with a large retailer over the weekend and helping to cover some evenings as well, it’s working out very well in fact and I am quite enjoying it. I will also be enjoying the twice monthly pay dates from my first job and two weeks later from the second. It’ll be like being paid fortnightly but not so low amounts!

I’ve not been too much other than that, my French course is progressing well and I’m starting to get in to a more functional level, hopefully we’ll be up to a conversational level too.

The only annoyance that has happened recently is that my old Yahoo! Account was hacked and pumped out some SPAM. But I seem to have sorted that out, Yahoo! Is useless at security, where Google sees odd behaviour it will deny the login. Yahoo! is all like “THAT’S COOL BRO, SEEMS LEGIT”.

Back to exciting things for now however, this is the first month I won’t be totally in the hole on pay day (the first one) so I might treat myself to a massive taco fiesta. Or Shanghai Nights, Hotcha OR EVEN A HOTLINE PIZZA, I’m overwhelmed with choice!

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