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BBS Downtime Report

I have discovered why toronto.mmn.on.ca dropped off the face of the earth with no warning at all.  It turns out this is down to Dyn.com being what can only be described as douchebags.

They have changed how their free accounts work and hadn’t bothered informing me about it, which I’m cool with, because you know, although I’m not paying I’d still expect to be treated like a customer.  Seeing as I was interested in their premium services for the BBS, I can certainly say I’m not now.

I have now put some factors in place to avoid this, namely cutting down on the CNAME use direct to the dynamic ip service I’m now using (updating that many records was not fun), I will also be setting up some kind of ping service and will soon set-up a status page for the servers for an eye view of the network and not putting all my eggs in to the same basket.

My router supports more than one dynamic ip service, so I will have another running off the router with a more reliable service to fall back on if there is a late update from the one I’m on now (I can’t see that happening though, they are reliable and it’s triggered by GATEWAY/AfriNET at the moment).

The moral of this story is, don’t use Dyn.com.  #JustSayin