Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I am most tired.

These hours are most killer.  Working from 16h to 04h means I live a nocturnal life these days, Paris is getting a bit dull in constant darkness.  But I have little to worry about as tomorrow I am on what can only be described as "normal people hours"!

Finally one day to work 12h to 18h, I am most pleased as I can do things like go out and see the sun.  Happy days.

In old news I've just found a couple pretty decent selfies of myself that I am sure to be able to use now days.  Enjoy.

I also discovered a few other photos a minute ago that I'll post in a minute.  Enjoy.
Tags: ain't got no time fo dat, bloggoreah, moaning, mutterings, paris, photo, photos, random, selfie

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