Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Cat Memes Everywhere

I've not left my bed all day and it's been rather pleasant. Mainly because of my abject fear I wouldn't be able to return to the house as I don't have an electronic key.

as somebody had taken the opportunity to smash down the locking mechanism, this is clearly how we roll in Bercy.

Other than completely annihilating a family sized pizza (I have no regrets), I partook in a cat meme Facebook comment hijack.

Having completely forgot that I have important shit to do like laundry I then spent the rest of the evening watching X-Men: Le Commencement.

Would I say today has been a success? OF BLOODY COURSE IT HAS. Just to prove it (edit: how autocorrect missed that is beyond me)

Tags: cat, cats, facebook, general amusement, meme, via ljapp

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