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This is going to be one of those sleepless days.

I always mean to write something here but I never have the time and it can be a bitch to do this on an iPhone.  To compound the problem, I get my laptop out to write and all I end up doing is looking at porn.

But it's not all bad news, I have got around to doing something useful with my life (where possible) like getting back on a bike since like forever.  I even took some photos of the ride and the exposition at Palais de la Porte Dorée just to prove I did it all.  That is what life has come to, having to take photos to remind oneself that you've seen daylight.

Recently I also managed to slice my finger open, I was rather unamused with this as it's the kind of pain you don't notice until blood happens to be EVERYWHERE.  Even more entertaining was finding the first aid box in the most unusual of locations, I called this event "hide and go bleed".

More benign was the moose hoof of February and the more exciting is that I am going to FG au Grand Palais this April.  WOOP TO THE WOOP.

Other than that I can't think of much to be writing about.  You could be proactive and like ask me something of course.

Tags: #firstworldproblems, bike, bike ride, biking, bleeding everywhere, fg, fg dj radio, finger hurt, first world problems, hide and go bleed, moose hoof, paris, porte dorée, pr0n, radio fg

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