Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Dear LiveJournal, I believe I have sinned.

I have really started to get back in to another service recently, she is called Kakao Talk, the Korean messaging service we all like to send naff emojis on.

With this new found glee at messaging, I of course have now fell back in to blissful love with the rather cool mobile based journal-cum-blog app Kakao Story, you can view mine here, but for some reason the web version is only in Korean (where as the apps are in English also).

It's pretty nifty, but it ain't LiveJournal nifty.  But then again this is like saying "it's not cheating if you use a condom", so I must accept that I have cheated on LiveJournal. #sadface

I even have created a group on Kakao Group like some kind of crazed Koreaboo looking for K-Pop on Napster (before the whole got shutdown and relauched as a pile of steaming shit).  I'm about 10% sure this link here will let you join it, if not Kakao me on id: kdwc and I can do the whole invite thing.

But of course I still use the LiveJournal without a doubt to write utter crap like this, so clearly this is my stable marriage as I go off having numerous affairs hoping one day too never be caught.  But secretly, LiveJournal knows and this is why I love her so.

Tags: #firstworldproblems, #sadface, bloggoreah, insomnia, instant messaging apps, kakao, koreaboo, livejournal

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