Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Sometimes we must.

Having spent the last 15 hours sleeping, I'm not entirely sure why I'm so tired. But I am and therefore I can't make brain.

I've had some good nights recently, until Photomaton stole 4€ from us. But what can you do right? If we followed the life of Binah then we'd kick it (which incidentally is what happened, a Photomaton booth got roughed up).

I've also had bad nights, so I've decided to stop drinking for a bit. It seems logical. On the bright side my consumption of soft drinks has sky rocketed and you can certainly take this opportunity to invest in Coca-Cola shares in knowledge that you will see returns.

Incidentally in my tired state I think I might have lost my carte bleue but I can't be too sure. But for now, I'm off to take a shower and blissfully walk out in to the "outside world" in a haze of "I'm still pretty tired". God speed.

Tags: ain't got no time fo dat, alcohol, awkward turtle, bad times, blogging, boring, caffeine, causally dying, cheese, city centre problems, crash, crazy cat lady without the fucking cats, death from above, death from the sea, derp, duck a fuck, emo goth, epic fail, everything else, fail, gangsta, herp, herp derp, hipster, hotmess, hungey, i can haz a rubz, it's got how many tenticles, jesus, laundry, life drama, life update, living like a troll creature, love heart, making a fool of myself in public, moaning, moo bitch, not even close, public transport, push to open, quick life update, random, recipe for failure, selfie, sluts, so chic, social, squishy human body, stolen objects, tired, via ljapp, white people, whores, zombie

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