Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I don't know what to write about.

I am currently waiting for some people to be all like, finished work.  So obvs I have to update the LiveJournal.  It seems appropriate and all that.

As we all know the month of Décembre has commenced and that whole "Noël" business is under way, streets are lined with happy people and tacky lighting.  WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF IN TO?

Life is still a little bit complicated, but I have come to accept this and thankfully my body's reaction of "HAY IT'S ADRENALINE TIME" has eased off (or I've just built up a massive tolerance and I'm off my tits on Adrenaline right now but just don't feel the bite).  This is good I guess, but I've gained a little bit of weight and a lot of body image complex.  Time to Pro Ana and make a Thinspiration wall, then move to eating only steam.  It's the way forward.

I've been moved around job wise, I've also quit and un-quit while considering quitting, en effet I need to sort out that whole "fully using my skills and making financial gains" thing.  It's pretty complicated as I said.  Equally as complicated is my train wreck of a love life, but I think I'm making some progress in that aspect of my life.  Whether I am or not is up to debate (and time) but I gleefully hope something will give.

Other than the above, I can't think of anything else to write.  So voilà bitches.

Tags: #firstworldproblems, animaux, awkward turtle, blah, causally dying, conversation piece, drama, employment, fat whore, france, general happenings, hotmess

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