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Getting hit by cars is clearly my forte.

Rather hilariously two nights ago, I was thumped off my bike by a woman at a cycle/pedestrian crossing.

Appearently, she was looking in the other direction. However, managed to plant me square centre whilst accelerating.

Right now, this poorly timed incident is just one more shitty circumstance in a shit load of shitty circumstances. And of course, until I can afford anything there will be no doctors or bike repairs.

So for a bit I'm stuck on Vélibs until I can sort things out #FuckingPayMe #GettingSickOfThisCrap.

I took a quick snap of the road in question, it's fairly clear that there is a passing cycle lane one must actively view when, par example, the light is green for the action of crossing this road.

Tags: #fuckingpayme, #gettingsickofthiscrap, car

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