Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Une petite soirée.

Having unexpectedly joined in to a rather long evening out last night, it was a pleasant relief to have the opportunity to relax and go cray-cray with drinking games.

Because nothing is more sensible than drinking games. Unless of course you are somebody sensible, then you’d know better than that. But I digress.

As you’d expect dear reader, there was a high level of alcohol consumption and fuzzy heads in the morning. But that was all worth the enjoyment of receiving the most random facebook phone call from some of my Tesco colleagues!

I recall not a lot of the conversation but it was fairly awesome to wrap the new life and former life in one complex evening. It makes you remember what you’ve got and puts the world in to a drunken perspective.

And of course a selfie. Because, well, yeah.


Tags: current affairs, evenings out, food and drink, random happenings, surprise conference call

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