Кевин (mmn) wrote,

When in doubt, change about

I'm having a crisis of identity on the interwebs and I'm finding it hard to
fix up one prefered portal for my endless typing. Then I realised that I
have an email address and blogs that accept email posts!

[image: Amazing.png]
With this in mind I can write freely to my everywhere online life and rest
assured that somewhere nobody is reading my nonsense. Which is true, as
let's face it blogs aren't as they used to be, before hand we could write
any old nonsense and in the internet of early years people would read it.

Now, they've turned in to some kind of *Personal Brand Image**TM* where you
generally post crazy anti-vax stuff and crunchy parenting crap. The faux
lifestyle we want to appear to have is stuck in the world of Facebook,
Instagram and other social-less medias.

Don't get me wrong, there are people with talent running blogs out there,
but as with anything the originality of somebody writting their day to day
life has gone away. Even my beloved LiveJournal is turning in to
Professional Blogger Town and the old users are runing away, my friends
feed is now missing people I've read about for some time and to be fair, my
absence has also be to blame.

We've got so caught up in Facebook now days that it is the 2016 version of
AOL, the only gateway to the internet people had. Captive, weird and

Having not been able to properly sit down and reflect on the things that I
worked on until today, it gives me a better insight to why I do them,
mainly for myself. Because considering some of my web sites analytics,
let's face it, just shows I'm the one I'm aiming to please. Which in
retrospect seems to be a bit lonely in the vastness that is our
interconnected networks.

But I digress in to some kind of political view on the world at large.
Basically what I'm trying to achieve is somewhere that I used to have to
write what I did in a day to remember those times. Reading back at some of
my old LiveJournal <http://mmn.livejournal.com> posts gives me an insight
in to my own life. And with blogging platforms shutting down at an
alarming rate, I guess this is what propells me to post to 5 blogs at once.

My words right now may be a bit lame, but to be fair I write them for
tomorrow to reflect on where I've been and where I'm going. And I guess in
some sense, I'm keeping the electronic version of a diary and less a blog.


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