Кевин (mmn) wrote,

New Name, When it Works

My domain costelloe.ca was a big long and it transpires that in French most people get confused by the silence of the ‘e’ at the end (Bonjour M Costello-eh, je vous écoute) so seeing as I acquired the tiny domain ec.je on the tiny British Channel Islands isle of Jersey, it seemed best to consolidate the domain holdings.

Because you know I have many.  Too many.

There is a temptation to move my blog over to just ec.je, because quite frankly that would be AWESOME.

In fact I might do that now, hold my weave, I’m going in…

Weave – HOLD IT
Also available on costelloe.ca.
Tags: a la une, domain name, domains, ec, ec.je, english, short domain

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