Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Day Two

This post is the second version, because it turns out when your tablet locks without saving the draft it will delete everything.  Because screw you.

The month has started and the last two days I haven’t done a whole lot, I have been somewhat busy with this appointment I have with the Préfecture de Police tomorrow morning to get my Carte de Séjour sorted out.  Because I do not want to have to go back to Theresa May’s Utopian Hell Hole that is the current state of affairs in the UK.

Also I left Canada a long time ago, so it lacks appeal to go back there either.  I firmly have my foot in the door in France and to hell will I leave.  I just mastered the art of bureaucracy at the French Standard (TM).

I have taken as well my last delivery order of food, I must cut costs and takeaway is on the hit list.  Obviously the occasional dine out experience whether it be fast or not will be the new norm, being lazy AF and hitting up Alloresto is off the books.

I also find myself not eating as much, looking at my FatBit scale racking up the killos like it’s going out of style is not cool and I feel like crap for it.  I reckon this should help put an end to this.  Hopefully.

My bank account is looking OK at the moment, which has been some time since that last happened.  Most of my bills are out and not all of my wages are in, so I need to keep this up and the plan is to end the month with a positive balance in the account of more than two figures.

I also decided to walk back from the Champs d’Enfer (Elysées) which is a part of the month plan, as I don’t do even nearly enough as I should and FatBit reminds me of that daily.

On that note I am tired and I must awake early to perform in the circus that is French Bureaucracy in two different offices.  So I bid you a good night blog.

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Tags: #30days, 30 jours, appointments, english, french bureaucracy, lots and lots of paperwork, paperwork, préfecture

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