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Smoking is Evil

Changes to Reverse DNS and Server Names

Nothing I do enjoy more on a Sunday is to get my DNS on. More so this weekend, when I originally registered ec.je*, I wanted it to be my main domain for everything. Not so much front end, but back end.

Since I've not really had a lot of time to deal with anything lately, it has taken some time to get in on cleaning up my horrendous zone files and get the rDNS going to the correct place.  Finally I have and it's wünderbar !

I've had the opportunity to finally rename most of my servers under the ec.je domain, anything that exchanges mail it going under a .mx.ec.je, anything that is a proper fixed mail server is under .mail.ec.je and at that point I got lost.  You see I have non mail servers, web servers, or strange servers that do mysterious things.  Do I put these under .srv.ec.je, do I think of something more, epic, like .web.ec.jeilluminati.ec.je ?  I'm looking for suggestions and I could think that anybody here on the LiveJournal could really give me an idea.

I'm totally open to suggestions here, just let I know in the comments, and potentially you could be forever engraved in to the ec.je zone file.

* I also registered cw.nf, but that is for free web hosting.