Imma lose my shit

This evening has been a total test of completely losing my shit, having run around before the abstract closing hours of French stores (top tip: they close when they feel like it, so arrive when the fuck ever as it doesn't really matter), I get home.

Which you'd think that's job done, but having to setup my new FatBit, with Kaja on the heat and trying to eat dinner pushed me to the limit.

I ended up having a full on arguement with Kaja, if you don't know what this can entail, it's basically me shouting "FUCK YOU" repeatedly with her hissing and spitting back.  Further to this adult display of conflict management, no matter how many times I tried this fucking FitBit was not having it at all.

I've never had to use four devices to finally get almost nowhere, it's taken about 2 hours to finally add the fucking thing and start the download process.  Which still has "24 31 minutes (envrion)" to go, and of course the app is trying desperately to crash at every moment.

I'm glad tomorrow is the friday, because I'm close to stress town, population hissing cat.


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