Кевин (mmn) wrote,

ShitBit, l’Apple Watch Pour des Pauvres

Nothing I hate more than a FitBit issue, the thing is they are regular and their hardware along side with their software is a total mess. We’re talking Britney dropping the baby, while just above Michael Jackson dangles Blanket over the railing mess.

For some abstract reason, my FitBit Ionic has decided not to synchronise for four days, although randomly was nice enough to send my steps for just this morning and nothing else.

And there has been an update waiting for a while now, I get tetchy when these things come out since the last one nearly bricked my 350€ watch.

But since the only way to fix this problem is delete the association, delete the FitBit app, delete all data on said FitBit and repeat this until eventually something sticks, I figured I might as well risk it.

Right now the job is in progress, 30 minutes for 6% download. Great start FitBit.

If you’re thinking of buying one of these for the notifications and the usefulness, you might as well just not. Notifs barely work at the best of times, and if you don’t believe me, when the FitBit community site actually works (#can’tseeitwedon’thaveaproblem), you can see it for yourself in the irate postings.

On top of the software being a total shit show, the hardware is totally ugh. If you own a FitBit be prepared to replace the watch straps every 6 months, because what you’ve bought is an expensive turd, and the turd gold coloured spray is a good 50€ each run.

Also good spot, this rant is after I’ve been doing this shit since 4h and I’m tired.

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