Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I have been doing many things

I've been working a bit on the journal here that's being managed by Logarion (logarion.orbitalfox.eu) which has recently had a couple upgrades that are making things rather nice - https://ift.tt/3p8GxzU There have also been some behind the scenes things running, one of theme is an IFTTT applet reposting the content to Dreamwidth / LiveJournal by email. Granted I don't really indulge myself on these platforms as much as I used to, but in particular LiveJournal has been pretty consistently used during my time. Even my old WP sites used to post to it. I guess it's very much of a "I've been doing this since 2000 there and it's nice to have all my ramblings there as well, even today" sort of feels. Plus it's rather handy to have a site I can pull off things if I need to in the future (see https://ift.tt/3EbKUhO) I've still got some extra things to settle in and I'll probably write about them, as I've been reading some of my old posts and realised that I used to make an effort to post what I've done with myself even if it was a one line stupid thing, where as now I feel like it's got to be some full on thing or some throw away crap for social media.


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