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I just charged up my work mobile after 2 months of it sitting there collecting dust and wasting the company's line rental money. Now all I need to do is remember the fucking number, you see I can't remember the number because I've been using my personal phone for business purposes and not claiming the £1.50 I've used in business related calls from the past, well, two months.

I also remember having to divert my work mobile number to my personal mobile number,
but since I couldn't remember the work mobile number I ended up giving out my personal
mobile number to everybody who I'd had to give it to for various work related workness.

Yes, I'm silly for using my home mobile, but I'm not the one paying the inflated peak call rates for o2 ;)

If I haven't made any sense what so ever then my post is a success as I'm bored and
waiting for my ride to take me to lunch :o)

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