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This weeks stats

eStat tells me this about last week:

Of 187 page views (made by 115 visitors in 140 visits) 35.83% of you came from an unknown host (ip address) which probably means you were visiting from work, 21.93% came from a .com domain which is probably AOL because my visitors have no taste in ISPs, 18.72% of you are trendy enough to use an isp with a .net domain, 15.51% of you are British (or Welsh/Scotish but who really cares about those two places) 2.67% of you are Canadian, eh, 1.60% were visiting from a lecture in an American University, 1.07% are from Uruguay, a country I can't spell the name of with any amount of Alcohol in me, 0.53% are Belgium-inians, 0.53% are from South Africa and are probably named 'Ian', 0.53% were looking for Eurotrash porn from Japan, 0.53% are from a country named after a nut.... the Brazil nut and finally 0.53% are from Belarus, my god, why?

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