Кевин (mmn) wrote,

my laptop is blowing scalding hot air onto my arm. It's nice.

Anyways, this is my day so far:

0750: Wait at corner of street for Pip
0754: School children mocking me.
0757: I think I look like a hooker.
0800: Pip arrives (yay!)
0815: Arrive at work.
0820: Check logs and log related logging.
0845: My Engineer arrives to fix the voicemail
0846: Another department bring me another Engineer.
0846: Problem, that room can not fit two engineers.
0847: it's decided the voicemail man will move into my office.
0900: Voicemail man needs disks, I ask a co-worker via the telephone,
she informs me that there is a rumour going around that I have a man under my table.
0910: The photocopier is out of toner, nobody can replace the toner.
0915: I play with the copier for 7 minutes. I've got toner on me.
0919: I find out why nobody can refill the toner. We toner, just not for that model.
0935: Will it end?
1000: Webserver decides to reboot for no reason.

(been meaning to post this since 10am)

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