Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Last weeks stats from eStat:

Out of 112 page views from 84 visits from 67 visitors

27.68% of you are lambs and have a .com ISP (ie AOL).
23.21% are here in the UK.
21.43% are wasting their time at work (IP address).
11.61% are following NetSol's .net campagne.
4.46% are in some form of over priced American educational instiution.
2.68% are probably from Pretoria (thats in South Africa for you over charged under and educated ones.. hint: 4.46%)
1.79% are working for a secret US Government agency attempting to capture me and have dirty dirty sex with me.
1.79% are from Canada. (Hows the snow, eh?)
0.89% are from Belginia (Belguim for the 4.49% of you).
0.89% are from Australia. I won't insult the ones I pitty most.
0.89% are French, your kind amuse me most, especially when you drive the wrong way on a round about.
0.89% are Dutch, you know theres two things I hate, one: people who don't like other people's culture, and two: the dutch.

(note: saterical comments not ment to offend. And to the 4.46% of you, I'd suggest you demand for a refund.)

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