May 23rd, 2001


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Somebody better look into my damn mobile it seems there is ALWAYS
something wrong with it, like it being completely fucked up!
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ohhhh nasty hatemail time:

My Motorola i1000plus (to now be refered to as "Piece Of Shit") has yet again stopped
working, first it started out earlier with my mobile browser, the problem there was it
stopped working for no particular reason. I called into customer service and
it seems the person who answered could not help me because the data department
had closed. I thought no problem my life revolves around their hours and this minor
$15/month inconvience could wait until tomrrow during business hours.

Later that night at 2:00am
my phone continued to get worse, by this time I could not receive phone calls,
but at least I could send them. So I tried to call into your customer service
centre so Cindi Big-Knockers-and-Little-Brain could assist me in watching
my $100/month phone bill goto waste again, but alas your service centre
was closed and again I find myself saying "If only I had a big rock I could
smash this useless shit into little bits and force feed them to the CEO of telus mobility,
so he could understand that when we sell equiptment that always fucks up
for obscene prices there will be at least one person to find a useful way of using it".