August 26th, 2001



South Asian Newsweek:
S.A. Newsweek is Punjabi for "fiasco", as we had some of the following fun problems:
  • Queue Sheets didn't match anything

  • Hard copy scripts didn't match prompter script

  • Talent/Non-existant producers changed the rundown and script *AFTER* the had been printed up by the PA

  • All and all it was a royal Pain in the booty.

    Chinese Newsline:
    Not many problems with newsline except that talent that night was a bit off, or not with it (lets face it, was sunday night)
    so we got a bit heavy, but that was later fixed by dropping something.

    Anyways that was my sunday afternoon/night and I got monday and tuesday off (until further notice), but I am working again on wednesday, thursday and friday.
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