September 4th, 2001


Tokens By Mail

Last night after Chinese Newsline, I took the 509 to Union Staion, the driver who shall be refered to "Red Neck Boon Daddy" never told me that they were only taking payment at Union, so I paid on the Street Car. Then once I get off at Union, theres a fare collector and two TTC Constables*, so I ask one of the TTC Cartoon Copz if I have to pay again and he says yes. So I paid again. And this morning I call into 393-INFO to get my fare back and I'm put on hold, but the music is fab, so I don't care ;)

Anyways, I got my fare back in token form by mail.

* = TTC Constables are foolish people who have the same authority as Toronto Police, but only on TTC Property. So if your gunna hold up an old lady make damn sure you get your booty out of the subway station!
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