March 6th, 2002


Realisation time....

I've come to some of the following realisations:

1) I must start support LiveJournal, coz I've used their service for so long and never gave anything back.... yet.

2) Stop posting my drunken antics, the father unit can read this journal at will. Then again so can the friend bots, so it seems I have a dilemma.

3) I've decided to become crime fighting homo and I'll use my passport as a fake
police ID. Yes that'll work, it'll work fine you hear!

4) Canada blows goats, why coz I have to do my taxes *again*, really can't they just make me do it once and let all my unclaimed extra income go un-noticed? Stupid country.

5) I should start sleeping more, but if you can't tell from the time stamp I'm too much of a dunce to take my own advice, so fuck it.

6) Me and the vodka have become too close in the past month or so, that's why I'm getting a divorce. Well until my birthday, or that occasional party at a friends house (or my own for that matter).

7) Stop realising things, it takes too much brain power.
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Ok, tonight I'm really fucking angry, first off my bus decides to take a detour out an alternate exit which kept him from doing his job (picking up passengers). Remind me to call Customer Service and to note the time was 10:30pm from St.Clair West Station.

Next off is the fucking banks who are now charging an extra fee (it's refered to as "white labeling") for non-customers, so to take out $20 you can be paying upto $2.50/transaction ($1.25 for your bank's fee + the "white label" fee). This is bull shit, stuff like this is rampant in the US Banks and now here. Don't the banks make enough fucking money instead of trying to put hard working people like me into debt!

Fuck the banks and fuck the transit system.
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I just sent this to the major three who are now charging extra to use bank machines to get more money (this is the orignal, I had to edit it because RBC doesn't like profanity):

Dear Banks,

I would like to congratulate you on the "White Labeling" innovation,
without it students like my self would have much more money than we
deserve to have. You have prevented me from becoming an alcoholic as
I can no longer afford anything but water after I pay off all the service
charges on my bank account, you saved me from being fat as I can't afford
anything but bread, you saved me from being a slut because I can't afford
to go out to clubs, you saved me from getting a student loan because
I can no longer afford transit fare to goto school. I hope you keep
up the good work, maybe one day all I will be able to afford is a jar
where I will store my money so I can close my bank accounts and stop
funding your children's cocaine use.

Thank you for robbing me in broad daylight, and may you accept a Royal
Fuck You.
-Kevin Welford-Costelloe
Angry Bank Victim, Toronto