March 28th, 2002


Ohh Walk!

For some reason I decided to walk from school to my house (map below - not actual route, but close enough) appearently it was 9.38km I walked but it was a fabulous day. I also found out that international calling AND roaming was activated on my account so now I can call the UK for $0.28/minute (until tonight at midnight then my rate is reduced to $0.14/minute) So of course I called Jon as I walked down the Danforth and we spoke for about an hour (yay). Then thats pretty much it, but today was FAB no snow and lots of sun!!!!

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So I've just installed my security camera to my wall which is covering 87% of my room which is cool, I also put up my laser and black light.... now all I need is a fog machine and I'm set
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You're the 80's Man!
No, you're not a cross-dresser. You're just the odd-shaped 80's lego man! You love the classic legos, and you're not into all these new-fangled expensive kits. Why settle for the new when the old is just as good, and far less expensive!

Take the "What Lego character are you?" test! by ctbx
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Letter to Mayor Mel Lastman

Hello Mr. Mayor,

I am an 18 year old student who has been living in Toronto
all my life, recently I heard that there may be a strike on the
TTC. A strike on the TTC would make it near to impossiable to live
my day-to-day life (eg: school, work, entertainment) as I have no access to any other form of transportation nor can I afford to use a taxi to goto school for everyday of the possible TTC Strike (approx $30/day - $15 each way), this would mean I would have to stay at home instead of goto school/work or wake up four hours earlier (normal allowance for getting prepaired, plus a two hour walk to my school).

Although waking up four hours earlier is no problem it leaves me fearing for my safety as I will be wondering the streets of an area I do not know well at around 3-4am.

I was wondering if the City Of Toronto could do something to prevent such a strike such as deeming the TTC an 'essential service' (which it is to most people in the city).

I look forward to your reply and thank you for your time.
-Kevin Welford-Costelloe
Toronto Resident
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