April 30th, 2002


Before Bed Post....

Well I just got back from Kyle and Jeremy's place (actually between this post and my actual arrival time is probably about 30 minutes, but I digress) we chilled and watched QaF tonight, it was totally cool and I totally had a great time too.

Anyways, I'm a tad tired got to get up early tomrrow (today) so I'll post more when I'm a bit more coherent.
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a few days ago I emailed the eBay seller who I sent my payment to for the Ericsson Chatboard and I haven't yet got a response (it took him 3 hours to send me the total, but a simple question well that takes ages!) and I'm wondeing if I should start to worried as eBay sent me a "payment" reminder when I told the seller when I sent the payment and that it could take an extra few days coz my bank had to mail me the MO. And now that I try to get in contact with the seller nothing, no reply whatever. I'll get real pissed if I got scammed for C$34.00!
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