May 2nd, 2002


The Joys of May 2nd.

Well it's thursday may 2nd @ 08:45 heres whats susposed to happen:
- Wake up and goto school
- get off school @ noon and meet my mother
- go home for an hour, pick up old ericsson
- goto work, sell ericsson to sam
- get off work and meet eric
- after done with eric call david (who has came here from the uk)
- find out david's hotel room and chill for a bit
- go home and pass out.

This is the day so far:
- Woke up, hit snooze, went back to sleep (fucking water pipe is still leaking, but now louder than ever)
- Called in sick to school (I feel like shite)
- I'm partially dressed
- and I'm about to go back to sleep until 11:00am

such joy!
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well i am in david's hotel room and we're watching cbc news.... btw, did i mention that he gave me a an iPAQ with a bluetooth cradle (the t39m that i got from him has bluetooth -- which is not available in NA) so i am dialing into my sprint account thru my mobile (at regular mobile rates -- free on evenings and weekends).

anyways, i'm off for now.
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