May 19th, 2002


Leaving :-(

Well thats it, I'm leaving London (totally against my will) and it sucks, I dun wanna leave and go back to Canada..... I really like it here.....

Pros and Cons of being back

Pro: The coca-cola tastes normal
Con: Can't Get Fanta
Pro: Haven't almost got my self killed yet by crossing the street
Con: I'm back *here*
Pro: Smirnoff Ice has 7.5% Alch.
Con: This place sucks
Pro: I own a metropass and it's cheaper than the Tube (£5/day when I was there)
Con: The TTC is shit and the Tube is half decent.
Pro: I know the number to Beck Taxi off by heart
Con: The only time I use it is when I'm drunk and theres nothing to do here
but get drunk.
Pro: There are no welsh people with their crazy welsh language here
Con: There are Québecois with their crazy language here

You see I can't win, can I?
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