May 24th, 2002



I'm just chillin' here in my empty classroom waiting for the guy incharge of credits and stuff to return so I can find out what I need to do now. I found out that I can probably end up doing correspondance for school next year (reasons later) so that would be FAB!

Anyways, gots nothing more to write so cya.
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horny down the street

I'm walking down Harbourd Street listening to Mousse T after getting fish and chips at Harbourd Fish And Chip... now I just got on the streetcar and speaking of horny there is a hottie in front of me and I'm visualising his pants pulled down as I rub his nice ass..... I am such a slut if you havent figured it out just yet.

Also my bus is waiting in traffic @ Bathurst station so I know I'll catch it, actually hold on.... (walking over to the bus) ..... got it!

thats all for me just going to post this and then stop playing w/the iPAQ.
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    I'm horny - Mousse T