June 12th, 2002


I lurve COGECO :o)

This is HALARIOUS, I sent this email to COGECO's abuse dept:

I received a returned email from appearently 'postmaster@nrg-online.ca'
orginated from the COGECO@Home network (with a return-path to

I would just like to take the time to point this out to my own isp (lfc)
incase you receive any complaints about this domain, also I would
like to point this out to COGECO so they may do something about it...
I doubt that they will.

Thank you

(forwarded message clipped)

Their Reply:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your vote of confidence ;)

What has likely occurred is that a system infected with the Klez.h virus has both your return email address and nrg-online.ca (at least) in their address book. The properties of the Klez.h virus is that it randomly selects an address for both the To and From field...it appears you were the lucky From field address.

What occurred next is that the nrg-online.ca mail servers assumed you were the sender and bounced the message back to you. I have contacted the nrg-online.ca people to suggest they alter their mail server properties but, unfortunately, I do not have any original email header to determine where the first, likely virus ridden, email originated from.

So that is, in my opinion, what has occurred.


Cogeco Network Security

Ps - Not all us abuse departments suck :)
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My mother has moved out into missisaugga now and I'm staying w/my step father for the next two weeks.... I also traded computers with my grandmother and I've got a slightly new iMac, and I think it's under the 62 kg limit so I can bring it!
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