August 3rd, 2002


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So yeah, it's time to post, I'm in jolly old Basingstoke. Why do you ask, well I'm doing balloon related doings with djg_uk and so far it's been good, but I've dammaged my lady hands (don't ask, well do ask, but don't).

Anyways I'm just sitting in the Land Rover (how butch of me) on the laptop, again using Vodatone gprs to livejournal away, although I wanna do some surfing, but don't want to do it on David's mobile (as an 0845 number would not help his bill out) but I can't figure out how to bond my mobile to his laptop so I can't dial out on my own account (on wonderful o2) so I can't browse around at all :o(

Actually an update, I can browse all I need to do is switch the sims... ohhh here I go.....
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