August 11th, 2002


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gah, fucking telewest is starting to get on my nerves! First tonight (like wednesday and thursday) their fucking transparent proxy went down like a cheap hooker, and now it's done it AGAIN and disallowed outbound connections to port 21 so I can't fucking FTP.

Fucking over priced shits, they should give FREE local and national rate calls to Blue Yonder customers untill they fucking get with it.
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I think my mobile is FUCKED everytime i press the '2' key the tone is all fucked (you'd have to hear it to understand), my wap isn't working all that well and it's not charging properly.

I knew I should have got that free nokia when I got an o2 contract, but nooo I had to save £5 a month for getting a SIM Only package. Now i've got to look into upgrading or paying a premium on a unlocked phone.

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I got a reply
Dear Stephanie Swanson,
Thank you very much for your mail and I appologise for my late reply
as it was due to my discussion with members of my commitee regarding
your reply.They have given me the go-ahead to work with you for the
successful conclusion of this transaction of mutual and viable
benefits.I would want you to call me on monday 12th August on 234-2-
XXXXXXX for further instructions and the way forward on this
transaction.Once again,thank you very much and remain bless.
Kind regards,
Dr.Joseph Adaga.

Hello Jessica,

I applolgise, but I can not call you as the bailiffs took away my phone,
I think it may have had to do with that €600,000 in unpaid bills,
but I'm not too sure.

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